Pic credit: Google

Another prayer went unanswered
My wish remains the same
Like it’s the first day
Make us meet again.

Can I get another shot at first impression?
As the ‘first’ one didn’t went well.
I know myself better now,
After you introduced me to myself.

Now I know what not to do,
The definition of charming as per you.
Bending rules for the want of your love,
I will forget me before you.

But, something tells me
I will still be the same,
And you will never love me
For who I am.

Sadly, this isn’t bollywood,
We’re into reality.
Here, getting rid of specs
Doesn’t change your personality.

You can pray, you can cry
Or you can beg them too,
At the end of the day
You can’t ‘make’ someone love you.

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